Core Business

Go Beyond the Surface

Core Business is a revolutionary new tool that will change the way you interact with C&I clients. This powerful software allows you to electronically capture data contained in clients and prospects accounting systems, provides analysis on the financial health of the business and puts the information into an easy to read dashboard that can be used to make your conversations more meaningful. You can also monitor a company’s financials on a monthly basis to help mitigate credit risk, allowing you to be more efficient with your time, take less credit risk, increase profitability and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Empowered Trusted Advisors

The top complaint that business owners have about their banker is that he or she does not understand the company. Core Business eliminates this problem by providing bankers with key insights into the business, and allows bankers to once again be viewed as an important trusted advisor.

How Competitive is Your Organization
Time to analyze and qualify borrowers 1 Month 2 Weeks 48 Hours 1 Minute
Ability of sales force to assess opportunities Waits for clients to ask Checks in at annual review Approaches clients with campaign offerings Brings interesting ideas to clients regularly
Average product per customer ratio 1-2 2-4 4-5 7-9
Trusted advisor status of sales force Rarely Passively Frequently Instantly
Method for gathering financials Manual Fax/Email Online Document Portal Full Electronic Gathering
The Benefit

Lending Efficiency

» Increased margins » 400% increase in loan capacity » 62% reduction in loan maintenance expense Loan Capacity vs Loan Maintenance Expense

Sustainable Client Relationships

» Increased product per customer ratio » Informed sales force » Customer loyalty Super Customers

Relevancy as a Trusted Advisor

» Bankers have a better understanding of their clients » Empowered with information to bring ideas to the table

Lower Credit Risk

» Better monitoring and insight leads to lower risk loans » Reduced charge offs » Understand borrower credit

Fee Income Opportunity

» Loan origination fees can be increased » Business dashboard provides valuable tools to owners and operators » Charge technology fee

Business Intelligence

» Diversification » Target underserved markets

Differentiated Lending Product

» Easier to comply with loan paperwork » Increases speed of lending process