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Relationship Banking Reimagined

Let us reinvent relationship banking in your organization. For us, relationship banking is more then just a catchy marketing phase. We believe in living and breathing the principles that truly make bankers trusted advisors. We are experienced consultants and trainers for bankers and business owners across the nation. We take a different approach to building bench strength within your organization. Let’s talk about how we can bring innovation to you and your team.

Kyle Enger, CEO

Kyle Enger is Executive Vice President at Finagraph. He began his career as an Executive Relationship Manager at Seattle First National Bank. Kyle then received his MBA from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, where he won the Entrepreneur of the Year award. Kyle resides in the Seattle area where he is a sought after instructor in credit and business acumen. From 2000-2014, he was Co-founder and Principal of BBI Financial. Kyle is a subject matter expert in the field of C&I Lending, and has taught and consulted with thousands of bankers and business owners across the country.

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